Screen shot test of new camera footage.  Just at test

Testing My New New Camera And Some Deff Star EFFecTZ

New Premier Video “InHALE” For MegaMav’s New EP SKY HiGH


Dope Hop #Teamrushem

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This is present day Axl Rose. This photo is also the sole reason I’m not drinking tonight … or maybe ever again. 

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I thought that I should try to be more clear on what I meant when commenting on Thomas L Friedmans article There’s something happening here the other day.

I wrote in my blog:

To me these two theories actually describes two driving forces that play out simultaneously, which both will have huge ramifications on our society. Because of this model I call our society which now lives through this the transition society.

(via Friedman simplifies the challenge of the transition society – futuramb blog)

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